Web Designing Course: Beginner to Advanced Level (2023)

Learn to Build Websites with Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap 5, Dreamweaver CC, WordPress & WooCommerce

Niranjan Sivathapandian | Author Level 1

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What you will learn

  • Build Dynamic Websites

  • Latest CSS Framework (Bootstrap 5)

  • JavaScript

=>Learn to build Responsive Websites from Scratch
=>Learn to Build Dynamic Websites without Code
=>Learn to Build E-Commerce Shopping sites without Code
=>You will learn to Add Graphics to Web Page with Adobe Photoshop
=>You will learn to Code with HTML5 & CSS3 from Scratch & Build Websites
=>You will learn to Add interactivity to your site with JavaScript
=>You will learn to Build Responsive Websites with Latest CSS Framework (Bootstrap 5)
=>You will learn to create websites with Adobe Dreamweaver CC
=>You will learn to build dynamic websites with WordPress
=>You will learn to create E-Commerce Shopping websits with WooCommerce

> You will need a PC / Laptop
> You will need a Decent internet Connection

(June 2023 - Update)

Hey guys, the Bootstrap Section in this course has been updated to the latest version of Bootstrap 5.3 may 2023 update.
In this Complete Web Designing Course: Beginner to Advanced Level you will learn to build Responsive Websites from Scratch. This course covers everything that you need to become a professional web designer.

At the beginning of the course, we will start by learning the essentials of Adobe Photoshop with image editing and manipulation. These skills will help you in designing and editing images for your website.

Then we will get in-depth about HTML5 & CSS, here you will learn to code your website from scratch. This skill will help you in developing your website just with HTML5 & CSS3.

To make your website more interactive, we need to add some JavaScript. In this section, you will learn complete JavaScript from scratch to build and integrate JavaScript Interactivity into your site.

Since you will now know the basic requirements of building a website, we will now get into learning about the CSS framework. More specifically Bootstrap 5. It is the most popular and advanced complete solution for building any kind of website in a matter of hours.

Then we will get into Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015, Here you will learn how to create a complete website without code. We will go through some of the advanced settings and in-built CSS frameworks to build our web apps.

Now that most of the tools are covered we will later get into the most popular CMS in the world WordPress, by the way, CMS stands for Content Management System. Again here you do not need to code. We will learn how to build complete websites with Posts, Pages, Categories, Tags, the About page, and a contact form to collect user data.

Then at the end of the course, you will learn to build a complete full-fledged E-Commerce application from scratch. You will learn how to create products, receive orders, manage customers online, and also collect payments online via Payment Gateway

Who this course is for:
> Anyone who wants to learn web designing
> Anyone who wants to build career in web designing
> Anyone who wants to brushup web designing skills
> Anyone Who wants to learn to build RWD (Responsive Web Design) Websites

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