Deploying .Net Microservices with K8s, AKS and Azure DevOps


In this course, we're going to learn how to Deploying .Net Microservices into Kubernetes, and moving deployments to the cloud Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) with using Azure Container Registry(ACR) and last section is we will learn how to Automating Deployments with CI/CD pipelines of Azure DevOps and GitHub.

We're going to containerize our microservices on docker environment, and push images to the Docker Hub and deploy microservices on Kubernetes. As the same setup, we are going to shifting to the cloud for deploying AKS (Azure Kubernetes Services) with using ACR (Azure Container Registry).

Also we will cover additional topics that;

  • Docker compose microservices

  • Kubernetes components (pods, deployments, services ..)

  • Zero-downtime deployments

  • Using Azure resources like ACR (Azure Container Registry), AKS (Azure Kubernetes Services)

  • Automate whole deployment process with writing custom pipelines with Azure DevOps and so on..

In the course, we will have 3 microservices which we are going to develop and deploy together.

Microservices 1 - Shopping MVC Client Application

First of all, we are going to develop Shopping MVC Client Application For Consuming API Resource which will be the Shopping.Client Asp.Net MVC Web Project. But we will start with developing this project as a standalone Web application which includes own data inside it.

And we will add container support with DockerFile, push docker images to Docker hub and see the deployment options like "Azure Web App for Container" resources for one web application.

Microservices 2 - Shopping API Application

After that we are going to develop Shopping.API Microservice with MongoDb and Compose All Docker Containers. This API project will have Products data and performs CRUD operations with exposing api methods for consuming from Shopping Client project. We will containerize API application with creating Dockerfile and push images to Azure Container Registry (ACR).

Microservices 3 - Mongo Db Database

Our API project will manage product records stored in a No-SQL Mongodb database as described in the picture. We will pull Mongodb docker image from docker hub and create connection with our API project.

At the end of the section, we will have 3 microservices which's are Shopping.Client - Shopping.API - MongoDb microservices.

As you can see that, we have;

  • Created docker images,

  • Compose docker containers and tested them,

  • Deploy these docker container images on local Kubernetes clusters,

  • Push our image to Azure Container Registry (ACR),

  • Shifting deployment to the cloud Azure Kubernetes services (AKS),

  • Update microservices with zero-downtime deployments.

And the last step, we are focusing on automation deployments with creating CI/CD pipelines on Azure DevOps tool. We will develop separate microservices deployment pipeline yamls with using Azure Pipelines.

When we push code to GitHub,

  • Microservices Azure Pipeline triggers,

  • Build docker images and push the Azure Container Registry (ACR),

  • Deploy to Azure Kubernetes services with zero-downtime deployments.

In the last section, we will give assignment for deploying multi-container microservices applications with automating CI/CD pipelines.

By the end of this course, you'll learn how to deploy your multi-container microservices applications with automating all deployment process separately.

This course will have good theoretical information but also will be 90% of hands-on development activities. All microservices and deployment steps will developed step by step and together.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who wants to learn to containerize multi-microservices with Docker
  • Developers who wants to learn to deploy microservices to Kubernetes
  • Developers who wants to learn to deploy microservices to cloud Azure kubernetes services (AKS)
  • Developers who wants to learn to deploy multi-container microservices applications with automating ci/cd pipelines
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What will you learn
  • Create and Build Docker Images

  • Docker Compose Microservices

  • Automate whole deployment process with writing custom pipelines with Azure DevOps

  • Update microservices with zero-downtime deployments

  • Containerize Microservices on Docker Environment

  • Deploy Microservices to the cloud Azure kubernetes services (AKS)

  • Basics of Container and Docker Information
  • Basics of Container and Docker Information


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