Effective Jenkins: Continuous Delivery with Jenkins Pipeline


In this course you will understand the key concepts of DevOps and delve into Jenkins Pipeline, a set of plugins that provides a toolkit for designing simple-to-complex delivery pipelines as code. To design a production-ready delivery pipeline, you will start by creating a simple pipeline and understanding Jenkins Pipeline terms and its particularities. Next, you will set up Docker to create isolated build environments. To consolidate your learning, you will create a delivery pipeline to build, test, and deploy a Java web project. In this project, you will understand and implement the different stages of the pipeline towards Continuous Delivery.

About the Author

Rodrigo Zacheu Russo is a Certified Jenkins Engineer and has 14+ years' experience in software development with different programming languages and technologies in different countries (Brazil, US, Portugal, Germany, and Austria) and projects in companies ranging from financial institution to game and e-commerce ventures, Goodgame Studios and HERE. He is an enthusiastic practitioner of Agile methodologies, Continuous Delivery, and DevOps, with large-scale adoption experience. He is always seeking to optimize the software development life cycle through automation, process improvements, and developing new tools and techniques. Rodrigo holds a B.S. in Computer Science and a post-graduate qualification in Software Engineering.

Who this course is for:

  • If you are a Java developer, a software architect, a technical project manager, a build manager, or a development or QA engineer, then this tutorial is ideal for you.
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What will you learn
  • Key concepts of DevOps and a Continuous Delivery pipeline

  • Explore Jenkins Pipeline to build, test, and deploy projects

  • Build and test Java web applications.

  • Use Jenkins Pipeline and JenkinsFile, the new concept of CI as code

  • Work with Docker containers in a Jenkins context

  • A basic understanding of the software development life cycle and Java development is needed, as well as a rudimentary understanding of Jenkins.


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