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Atlassian’s Confluence is a great knowledge base, but frequently I find people run into challenges with how to set it up for success. Pages are hard to find, content isn’t structured properly and the content that IS in there is challenging to use. This course shows you how to build (or update!) your knowledge base step-by-step in your very own confluence instance. This course is intended for folks using Confluence, but anyone who interacts with a knowledge base or wiki will get value from it.

This course will provide hands-on learning and will show you how to build on and improve your own knowledge base. You'll be provided with an example knowledge base to practice your skills on, as well as several assignments to apply your learning. You'll get a few examples of how I chose to improve this knowledge base, but you'll get LOTS of opportunity to practice on your won to make it better.

You'll learn how to use confluence macros, how to think through your page structure, how to build and use templates and more. Each of these tools explained, and then you'll get a chance to apply them in your free confluence instance for hands-on experience.

You’ll be shown how to create diagrams of your current state, as well as your future state, and how to build a resource inventory. The inventory is especially useful when improving your knowledge base as it will help uncover gaps in what you have.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to evaluate an existing knowledge base or wiki and analyze it for improvements

  • How to setup a free confluence space

  • How to import a confluence space

  • What templates are and why you’ll want to use them

  • How to use Lucidchart to map out current and ideal states

  • How Labels make your life easier

  • Which macros will help automate your database

  • The difference between a “topic” and a “how-to” page

  • And more!

Who this course is for

  • Teams or individuals who have inherited a confluence space

  • Individuals looking to improve how they use confluence

  • People looking for to get hands-on experience using and improving confluence

Who this course is for:

  • Folks interested to learn more about how confluence works
  • Individuals inheriting a wiki or knowledge base
  • Individuals setting up a new confluence knowledge base
  • Wiki or Confluence administrators
  • Individuals moving existing content into a knowledge 
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What will you learn
  • Analyze and improve on the current setup of your knowledgebase or wiki

  • Tips on how to help automate your knowledge base

  • How to build a knowledge base using Confluence

  • How to use Confluence gadgets to make your knowledge base easier to use

  • An email address to setup your free knowledge base and Lucidchart
  • Prior experience with Confluence will be helpful, but not required


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